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Women's Ring Sizing Chart

Take the mystery out of ring sizes and get the perfect fit every time! Find out how to measure your rings and fingers to discover your ring size, and learn how to size and fit a ring with our chart so that you can confidently buy the ring of your dreams.

How to Determine Your Ring Size at home?

Measure your current rings

Measure the diameter of an existing ring that fits (preferably of a similar shape/style), ensuring to measure from inside edge to inside edge. Check the chart below to see which size is the closest match! If you are in between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size.


Measure your finger

Alternatively, you can cut a thin strip of paper (or a piece of string) and wrap that around the finger, using a pen to mark where the two ends meet. Then lay it flat and measure - compare this measurement to the circumference column below to find your closest match.


Ring Size Chart

Once you have measured your favourite ring or measured your finger, you’ll be able to find the corresponding measurement below and you’ll know your size!

US Sizes UK Sizes EU Sizes Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm)
5 9.25 49.3 15.6
5.5 10.5 50.6 16.1
6 11.75 51.9 16.5
6.5 13.25 53.2 16.9
7 14.5 54.4 17.3
7.5 15.75 55.7 17.7
8 17 56.9 18.2
8.5 18.25 58.2 18.5
9 19.5 59.5 18.9
9.5 20.75 60.8 19.3

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a normal ring size?

The average size varies from person to person, and tends to depend on their finger shape, the ring’s design, and fit of the ring. The average woman tends to wear rings between the sizes of 6/L½ to 7.5/O½ depending on which is their preferred style and fit.

How to find my ring size at home?

Measuring for a ring is easy! The simplest way to find your ring size at home is to measure your finger, or carefully measure one of your current favourite rings. Check out our instructions above - all you need is a ruler, paper or string, and a pen to get started!

Is there a difference in men's and women's ring sizes?

There is a universal standard for ring sizes for both men and women, however different countries use different standards for sizing. Typically, feminine designs are sized smaller for women’s hands, and masculine designs are sized larger for men’s hands. Unisex sizes sit in the middle of these size ranges.

My finger size measurement keeps changing?

Temperature changes and blood flow can cause your fingers to change size.To ensure the best fit, measure your finger towards the end of the day and when your hand is warm, as this is when your fingers will be at their largest. It is also recommended to measure several times to ensure an accurate measurement.

How tight should the ring fit?

The ring should be comfortable to wear but not loose enough for the ring to fall off or turn to the side. It is recommended that if your knuckles are larger, to choose a slightly larger size or an adjustable ring to ensure comfort as you wear and easy removal for cleaning.

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